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You’re preparing to sell your home, and you have questions. When is the right time to list your home? How can you avoid selling too low or listing too high? How long should you expect the process to take?

Christopher Evans is ready to answer all of these questions and take the guesswork out of selling your home. Choose Christopher as your Dream Home Partner for professional advice as you prepare to sell so that you can maximize value on the sale of your house. Be sure to check out our home selling resources.  

Sell Your Home With a Dream Home Partner On Your Team

The good news for those considering listing their home — Columbus, Ohio, is a hot market. Properties are selling quickly, so action must be taken quickly. Christopher’s understanding of the digital market helps sellers take advantage of the fast pace of the housing market.

When you trust Christopher Evans to help you sell your home, you get a commitment beyond that of a real estate agent. His background in sales means he knows how to negotiate and get you the best possible deal for your home. As a Keller Williams representative, Christopher goes above and beyond to provide a unique, memorable experience for each customer. Don’t miss out on our easy to use checklist for selling your home

When should I sell my house?

The best time to sell a house is when there are more buyers than houses available. Good indicators that this is the case are: a good economy and positive future outlook, low interest rates, popular seasons (spring and summer, not the cold winter).

Does anything need to be done to my house before I sell it?

Yes. We recommend a professional home inspection, among other things. Christopher Evans can help make sure your home is in the right condition to sell.

How do I know how to price my home?

It’s best to compare your home to other, similar homes in the area, and see where your price point might fall. When you work with Christopher Evans, he will be sure to get the most value for your home.

Can I sell it myself, or do I need a real estate agent?

Most states allow homeowners to sell without hiring a realtor, but it is not recommended if you’d like to get the best deal on the sale of your home.

If you’re thinking about selling your property, call Christopher Evans at (614) 425-0252. He proudly serves Columbus, New Albany, Dublin, Newark, and Granville, Ohio, and is ready to be your Dream Home Partner for life.